End User Terms and Conditions:

1) DEFINITION: The Yellowstone Ecological Research Center (YERC) will from here on be known as the "Author" and all parties that this software has been distributed to will be known as the "End User". This is a free or low cost (depending on affiliation) data processing system for use in creating customized datasets (i.e., user-specified summarizations of existing datasets) and can be used by any consenting party or organization that has accepted the terms and conditions defined here. END USERS MUST ACKNOWLEDGE YELLOWSTONE ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTER IN ANY AND ALL DERIVED WORK AND PUBLICATIONS RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS COASTER TOOL.

2) LICENSE TERMS: This is an exclusive license to use COASTER outputs in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein. Any and all parties using COASTER can acquire no monetary gain as a result of using this application, and in no way can you sell, transfer and/or re-distribute COASTER products. This grants a license for use of COASTER outputs by one individual. Interested third parties must come to this webpage and agree to the COASTER terms and conditions to obtain legal use of COASTER outputs.

3) LIMITATIONS AND LIABILITY: Yellowstone Ecological Research Center is in no way responsible/liable for any result or product that the user produces with COASTER and it is up to the user to employ biological understanding and use ecological sense when using and or interpreting COASTER outputs. The Author (YERC) is not liable to you or any other authorized end users for damages including and general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use COASTER properly and as intended for the purpose of which it was designed.

Yellowstone Ecological Research Center in no way guarantees the accuracy of the datasets hosted on the COASTER site. These datasets were produced by third parties and were added to COASTER with minimal, and documented, modification by YERC. All datasets hosted on COASTER are imperfect, modeled products with varying degrees of accuracy. End users should read the dataset-specific metadata, produced by the originating third parties, for any datasets they process using COASTER, to assess the utility/accuracy of these data for their application(s). YERC and the third party data producers are in no way responsible for interpretations made using COASTER output, including erroneous interpretations that result from know and unknown errors within the original datasets.